Cat Shadow

Do you STILL like waffles?!?!

Do you STILL like waffles?!?! The legendary animation by Nathan Mazur is now in 4K, so you can really see the gooey syrup in that kid’s mouth!

Jawas EP

Utini! Jawas and Boogie Boogie Jawa now available for streaming on all music services.

Caterpillar On The Ground

Caterpillar on the ground  Why you always hanging ‘round? Do you you ever think of me When you’re sitting on your leaf? Soon you’ll be a butterfly You’ll disappear into the sky Can I go along with you? We can soar up to the moon Ba-dooba-dooba Hey, were you talking to a caterpillar? Me? No … Continued

Jingle Burgers – A Parry Gripp Christmas Album out now!

Jingle Burgers – A Parry Gripp Christmas Album! 100% ridiculous holiday fun! 1. Raining Tacos (on Christmas Eve)2. There’s a Cat Climbing Your Christmas Tree 3. Jingle Burgers 4. Fuzzy Christmas 5. Christmas Party (All About the Cookies) 6. Reggie The Christmas Hamster 7. Pancakes We Have Cooked On High 8. Christmas Christmas Hedgehog 9. … Continued