Wienerina (Vampire Dog)

(whispered: Wienerina)

Wienerina (vampire dog)

Wienerina (vampire dog)

Wienerina such an unusual dog, so spooky and long

Wienerina with a wag of her tail, on wings she sets sail through the night

She’d like to play with the other ones

But she’s frightened of the sun

All she wants is a little love

And a little bit of blood


Wienerina, at midnight digging up bones with her pet snake Ramone

Wienerina, her dog house looks like a tomb, by the light of the moon she sneaks out

She’d like to fetch a ball and play

But the children see her and they run away

Hear her barking in the night,

All she wants is love, and a little a bite

Wienerina (vampire dog)

Wienerina (vampire dog)

(whispered: Wienerina)


Released on 11/09/2019