Pan-Galactic Dolphin

Pan-Galactic Dolphin
Following a moonbeam
Searching for the answers
Hidden in the stars
Always exploring beyond our dreams
And befriending those in need

Pan-Galactic Dolphin
Soaring through the stardust
In a rocket powered
Inverted submarine
Discovering new worlds
With first mate Lumpy the lumpfish

Pan-Galactic Dolphin
Hero of the Milky Way
Pan-Galactic Dolphin
You’ll make everything okay

Spoken: The rocket powered inverted submarine is much like a regular submarine, only the water is on the inside, keeping the dolphin and Lumpy comfortable as they travel on their adventures through outer space

Pan-Galactic Dolphin
Swimming in the starlight
Spreading hope throughout
Ten million galaxies
From the Planet of Lost Cats
To the Wiener Dog Nebula
Hear the Celestial Tapeworm Choir
Listen to them singing

Pan-Galactic, Pan-Galactic

Pan Galactic Dolphin
And Lumpy the lumpfish
You’ll make everything okay

Released on 06/08/2020